Iron Man: The Gauntlet, by Eoin Colfer (Review)

“…what he actually said was, ‘Wonderful, rhinoceros. It is seriously the ants who are coming.’ 

Which made the boys fall back and wonder if perhaps this was Iron Man’s stupid cousin who was attacking them.”

Rating: 5 stars. 

I am unironically giving this book 5 stars, because this is a goddamn quality read. I loved the Artemis Fowl books, and I was actually looking at those in the library when I found this and I nearly didn’t pick it up. Given that I blazed through this in an hour and twenty minutes of sheer joy, I’m glad that I did. Tony Stark ( ❤ ) is one of my all time favourite characters, so an Eoin Colfer Iron Man story was a must-read for me, though I was a little leery because another of my favourite authors wrote a Wonder Woman story that I just couldn’t get into. But I loved this book. 

Packed with witty one-liners and the perfect amount of Tony sass, I want a copy of this book to keep forever. Eoin Colfer nailed Tony’s character, and the plot was engaging but not over-the-top, which let the characters really shine. ProtoTony (P-Tone) was an absolute moron, and I loved him, and I don’t think there was a single character in this that wasn’t brilliantly portrayed. 

If Eoin Colfer could hop onto AO3 and start writing Tony Stark fanfic for me, I’d really appreciate it, because this book gave me life.

Note: This review was copied verbatim from my Goodreads account dated June 6th 2019.

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