The Promise, by Teresa Driscoll (Review)

Rating: 2.5 to 3 stars. I’m bumping it up to 3 on GR because of the last thirty percent of this book which was a crazy rollercoaster.

I liked this book, it was an engaging read, and I was drawn into the story from the start, but I think I was ultimately a little disappointed, mostly because I wanted something darker. I was expecting much more dark horror from the reveal of The Secret, and the secret I got was sad but not necessarily that horrifying. The situation was horrifying, sure, and I felt for the characters when they were young, but later in life they still seemed to have this fourteen year old perspective of it all, and after being fed tiny breadcrumbs for the first half of the book, I was expecting something more. 

The end of this book was wild, though, with plot twists and chaos at every page-turn, and that redeemed the book to a certain degree for me, even if the promise itself was anti-climactic.

Note: This review was copied verbatim from my Goodreads account dated June 10th 2019.

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