#SixforSunday : Characters I’d Name My ‘Kids’ After

Steph created the Six For Sunday challenge, and this quarter’s prompts are here! I don’t want kids (nor do I want a discussion about why I don’t want kids) so instead I’m going for what characters I would name my pets after, and what animals I think they’d be! Admittedly, some of these aren’t good pets, but I said what I said.

  • Sebastian the tiger cub; named for Sebastian Moran from the Sherlock Holmes canon. He won a fight with a tiger nicknamed Kali’s Kitten and I’ve associated tigers with him ever since. My favourite character and my favourite animal.
  • Nate/Nathaniel the black cat; named for Nate Macauley from One of us is lying/One of us is next because he’s cool, collected and has a bad reputation he doesn’t really deserve.
  • Alex the labrador; named for Alex Claremont-Diaz my favourite disaster bi from Red, White and Royal Blue. Excitable, cute and as smart as he is dumb.
  • Pip the bulldog; named for Pip from A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder because she’s cute too, but stubborn like a dog with a bone.
  • Nova the Brazilian rainbow boa; named for Nova Artino from the Renegades series. Sly, beautiful and a little scary.
  • Saphira the bearded dragon; named, of course, for Saphira from the Inheritance Cycle. She would have to be a dragon, right? There’s no other choice for the iconic character that made me fall in love with dragons.

See you next week for the next Six For Sunday!

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