#SixforSunday : Characters that would fit in my family

Steph created the Six For Sunday challenge, and this quarter’s prompts are here! My family as I usually define it is either my weird and wacky parents and siblings, or me and my best friend. Given that I don’t even know how to fit into my bio family, I’m going with me and my best friend. We’re not very exciting, so let’s see how this goes!

  • Hermione Granger from, of course, Harry Potter. She likes to read, and so do we, and she’d probably enjoy our quiet reading time where we throw on classical music and read in our beanbags.
  • Isobel from An Enchantment of Ravens, because she loves to paint, so she’d get on well with my art-y best friend, and they could be amazing artists together while I sit and watch with no talent but lots of encouragement.
  • Nova Artino from Renegades. Nova doesn’t sleep, and honestly? Neither do I! So she could keep me company while my best friend sleeps at a normal time like a responsible adult, and use her sleep powers to knock me out when it looks like I’m going to stay up until dawn on a work night (again). We’d keep each other company, it’d be awesome.
  • Bronwyn Rojas from One of Us is Lying/One of Us is Next. We’re both a lot nerdy, and good girls at heart, and I think Bronwyn would get on well with us. Again she’d enjoy our quiet reading time, and we’re all way too curious and eager to learn things. Bronwyn would be a great addition to our museum day trips.
  • Ellery from Two Can Keep A Secret and…
  • Pip from A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. Both of these girls are on the list because in our house we’re all amateur detectives. Especially when we’re watching tv, we’re always conspiracy theorising three episodes ahead (and then usually missing what’s actually happening right now). I think they’d both be fun to watch our pulpy crime shows with, even if Pip is a little better at investigating than Ellery is.

See you next week for the next Six For Sunday!

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