#SixforSunday : Favourite LGBT Characters

Steph created the Six For Sunday challenge, and this quarter’s prompts are here!

  • Gideon Nav (Gideon the Ninth) – I think she’s been on every single one of my Six for Sundays at the point but fight me. I love her.
  • Ead (The Priory of the Orange Tree) – Ead is both a cool as hell mage, and the absolute champ of sapphic yearning. I adore her, and I can’t wait until I have a chance to reread so I can see her again.
  • Alex Claremont-Diaz (Red, White and Royal Blue) – Alex is a disaster bi. I’m a disaster bi. We’re made to be best friends and cause chaos together.
  • Annette Boucher (Belle Révolte) – Annette is everything I’ve ever wanted to be, tbh, and I respect her as much as I love her.
  • Crier (Crier’s War) – I’m so soft for Crier. I want to protect and baby her and keep her safe.
  • Baz Grimm-Pitch (Carry On) – Baz is iconic. Enough said.

See you next week for the next Six For Sunday!

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