Between Starfalls by S. Kaeth (Blog Tour Excerpt!)

Welcome to my Hive Reads blog tour stop for BETWEEN STARFALLS by S. Kaeth! Scroll down to read the book’s blurb and a sneak peek at the book with an excerpt!

Between Starfalls is a beautiful book, with incredible world-building and fascinating fantasy elements. If you like fascinating magic, animal companions and want to see a main character in a fantasy novel who is both a strong, powerful character and a mother (something I don’t see enough of in the genre!) If you like ensemble casts of found-family, and rescue missions gone awry, you’ll love this book.

The plot:

Never leave the path. It’s sacred law, punishable by exile.

When her son goes missing in the perilous mountains, Kaemada defies the law to search for him. She enlists the help of her hero brother, a priestess berserker, and a fire-wielding friend. But the law exists for a reason. When the search party is captured by the mythical Kamalti, they learn that Kaemada’s son was sent to an ancient prison city. As they battle for freedom, they discover a horrible truth that will change the future of both races forever.

With their world in upheaval, Kaemada must find a way to peace if she’s to save her son—but tensions between the two races are leading to war.

An excerpt of this gorgeous book!

Below, the song of their people faded away. Kaemada wrapped a blanket around
herself and Eian for warmth, then covered them all with her cloak just as the haunting song of the Angels graced their ears. Melody and multiple harmonies surrounded them, wrapping them in sonorous heights and depths. The otherworldly music pulled at them to come forth and gaze upon the singers, and Kaemada fought it with the counter-tune, humming the wild music as loudly as she could.

Eian squirmed, tugging at the top of the blanket. Kaemada hugged him tightly with
one arm, pulling him farther under cover as she hummed the counter-song more loudly, more desperately.

You must never look upon the face of an Angel, or you will die! she sent him mentally,
breaking the boy’s privacy to save his life. A shiver ran up her back as a part of her wondered how the Angels would react to such an unusual occurrence, just the three of them on their own.

The music grew nearer until it seemed the Angels surrounded them. One must be
hovering near them as it sang. With her arms full with Eian and Tannevar, the blanket sagged, exposing them to the Angel’s gaze. Kaemada kept her eyes downcast, watching Eian through her lashes as she belted out the counter-tune. She covered his face with one hand, her other hand over Tannevar’s face. The Angel’s bronze feet hovered closer, and the wind from its wingbeats tugged at her hair. Her skin tingled with the nearness of the Angel. The urge to look up was almost unbearable, even as she sang the counter-tune.

Eian pulled away, drawn to the Angel. How long could she hold him back? How long could she herself resist the call? Her arms were beginning to tremble, and Tannevar was pressing himself into her leg, though she could feel his need to look.

She called out telepathically with all her strength to the Angel. We mean you no harm. We are not for eating. At the same time, she kicked the blanket back over their heads.

The back of her neck prickled as Eian piped up, his words nearly lost in the Angel’s wing-beats. “We mean you no harm! We are not for eating!”

She looked over at him. Her heart skipped a beat. He was staring at the Angel from around the blanket. Throwing herself over him, she knocked him to the ground and shielded him with her body.

The wing-beats moved off, the Angel rejoining its group and heading for the foothills. Kaemada rose cautiously to her knees, her body afire with pain. Behind her, Tannevar shook out his fur, pacing a circle around them.

“Eian!” she folded him into a tight embrace until he wiggled and squirmed in protest. “Eian, I told you not to look at them! You could have died!”

“I did not get frozen. I did not get dead.”

“Eloí’s light, Eian, I cannot explain it. No one talks to the Angels!”

“You did. You did with your mind.”

Kaemada blinked. “You cannot have heard that.”

Eian watched her silently. Kaemada shook her head. “It was the only thing I could think of to save you.”

Eian tilted his head. “You could have used your mouth. Like I did.”

Kaemada shook her head again. She shivered, looking in the direction the Angel had flown, then back at her son, who was now moving his blankets, preparing a spot to sleep. “Eian, no one speaks to the Angels,” she repeated. He glanced at her, shrugged, and laid down.

About the author:

S Kaeth is an author of sci-fi/fantasy stories, as well as a dreamer, reader, writer,
character interviewer, and worldbuilder. Writing is an integral part of who she is. Creative
expression in some way helps her to get through the dark times and celebrate the bright
times, making sense of the world and dealing with life in general. S has always been, and
always will be, a storyteller.


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