2020 check in and 2021 goals!

2020 is finally over, and 2021 is here! Time for a check in on my 2020 goals and my goals for 2021.

How did my 2020 goals go?

  • Read 104 books? okay. I smashed this one, but to be fair when I posted this I couldn’t have anticipated spending half the year on furlough. I read 283 books this year, well over my target. Of those, 34 were DNFs, which I’m calling a good thing – I’ve finally broken my habit of forcing myself to read the whole of books I’m not enjoying.
  • Complete the #2020tbrreadingchallenge. Uhhhhhh….. absolutely not. I read 6 of my 30 books, and unhauled quite a few of my picks without reading. So. Oops.
  • Complete #armedwithabingo. I’m calling this complete! I’m only missing one square – non-fiction – and I had a lot of fun doing this!
  • Reduce my ‘unread’ collection. Kudos to clearurshit, I got into this hard at the end of the year. At the end of 2019, I had 47.3% read, with a goal of 60% read. I’m currently at 68% read – so I’ve smashed that target!
  • Read one Star Wars book a month. Yeah. I just forgot about this. I’ve read a few throughout the year, but definitely not 12. But I have just ordered some for Christmas, so? We’ll see how many I clear next year.
  • Clear my Netgalley backlog. I was on around 25 at the time. I’m down to 11 on Netgalley, but have started getting physical arcs (yay!) so I’m sitting at 15 to read. I’m hoping to clear that in the next month or two, as I let myself get behind when I took a break for clearurshit!

2021 goals!

  • Keep my Netgalley percentage over 90%!
    • I’m currently at 88% after having a few more accepted, and very pleased with that. Just have to lift it by another review or two and maintain it!
  • Keep my review copies to read in single digits, so less than 10. I’m pretty close to hitting that target to start with, and then I’m going to try and hold it there. No more overwhelming ARC TBRs leading to horrendous burn out.
  • Reach 75% of my owned books read. I’m currently at 68% so this DOES seem achievable, especially considering….

Operation: stop hoarding books

Here are my rules for 2021 for myself!

  • I’m on a book buying ban until I’ve read the 16 books I got for Christmas.
  • Preorders must be read within release month, or if they’re releasing in the last week of the month, within 4 weeks.
  • When I buy a book I have FOUR weeks to get at least 25% into it, or I will have to go on another 4 week book buying ban.

This started yesterday, and I’m sure I’m going to hate it in a matter of weeks, but hopefully it’ll help me manage my TBR and stop buying books I don’t plan on reading forever. The only allowed exceptions are: buying special editions are allowed regardless of bans, delaying the start of books due to buddy reads and if I buy a sequel/series then the 4 weeks applies to the first book in the series.

Have you got any 2021 goals?

One thought on “2020 check in and 2021 goals!

  1. I’m so impressed with how many books you read last year! That’s absolutely incredible! Here I am working on a 100 book challenge and I’m nowhere near close after a year! Really interested in reading more of your content! 🙂

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