Library Tracking 2.0 (and 2022 log)

Edit: 08/02/2022 – I have now added a version with CAWPILE calculations, as created by G at Book Roast, here.

After the huuuge popularity of my library tracking post last year, and with Clearurshit coming up fast, I decided to post my updated library along with my 2022 reading log, so you can all get those TBRs logged and ready for the new year. There have been a fair amount of changes made this year, mostly as I always edit my spreadsheets to be more usable throughout the year.

If you want features from last year’s spreadsheets added back in, or you want me to add the new features to your current spreadsheet, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and we can discuss it! There will be a fee for my time, usually around £3 depending on what you want doing, but I can be flexible with this! If you have questions about the sheets, feel free to drop them in the comments or DM me on Twitter.

If you like these spreadsheets, feel free to tip me on Ko-fi!

All available here!

When you open them, these will be view only. You will need to click file > make a copy and save it to your own google drive!


Reading log:

  • Reading log publication date changed to year only to make it more compatible with the library (and because I was bored of checking specific publication dates every time I entered data)
  • Added ‘reread’ as an option for source as opposed to purchased 2021 or own tbr option as previously used.
  • 2022 releases page included so you can log any preorders you may have made, or books you want to remember are coming out.
  • Top reads page added! This is how I track my favourite book from each month.
  • Edit 12/10/2021: Added a tab that automatically filters your five star reads so it’s easier to track your favourites over the year!
  • Edit 08/02/2022: Cawpile sheet added.

Library sheet:

  • Series column and Source column removed from the library spreadsheet as I never used them.
  • Hardback or paperback merged into Format column to reduce amount of double entering data.
  • N/A option added to Signed column for audiobook and digital to avoid empty boxes.
  • TBR stats page added – this functions the same as the stats page, but only for your unread books!
  • ARCs and Blog Stats tabs removed as I didn’t use them – these can be transferred from your old sheet onto the new if you like them.

If you wish to alter the options in the drop downs, you can DM me on Twitter (£3 may apply), or you can refer to my previous post for instructions!

Happy reading!

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