2021 in review and 2022 goals!

It’s 2022, babeys! I had an incredible reading year in 2021, alongside getting a new job, a kitten and getting engaged! Let’s wrap up my 2021 and have some fun with stats before setting my goals for 2022.

How did my 2021 goals go?

  • Read 208 books: Ahahahaha. Okay. I smashed this. I got into audiobooks this year, and that was a game-changer, especially when I started listening to audiobooks at work. In 2021, I read 435 books. I’ll break these down further in my reading wrap up. But I’d call this a roaring success.
  • Netgalley 90%+: Once I’d gotten my Netgalley percentage up from 88% to 90%, I managed to keep it there! I’m currently at 95% and I’ve been sitting there most of the year.
  • Review copies under 10: This one fluctuated a lot. I’m currently sitting at 10 review copies, but I’m being much more selective about what I want to request – meaning I’m reading them sooner.
  • Reach 75% owned books read: I am ridiculously proud of this one. I’m currently sitting at 90% of my owned books have been read, and….
  • Reduce owned TBR: I’ve focused primarily on reading my owned TBR. In November 2020, I had 224 unread owned books. As of January 1st 2022, I have 74 unread owned books! I’m so pleased with this, and this year I’m going to see if I can get it down to 25 unread owned books – with my eventual goal to fit all my unread books on my book cart at any one time.
  • Operation: Stop hoarding books: FAIL – I totally forgot about this. The less said the better.

2022 goals!

  • Keep my Netgalley percentage over 95%, and hit 98% at least once!
  • Keep my review copies to read in single digits – continuing this target from last year because it did help.
  • Reach 25 unread owned books! This might be a bit ambitious, but fuck it.
  • Read 365 books – yes this is lower than last year’s reading, but I don’t want to over-pressure myself.
  • Read more non-fiction! I really enjoyed some of the non-fiction I read in December 2021, so I want to read some more this year.
  • Complete the 12-in-12 challenge!
  • A Master of Djinn
  • Ancillary Justice
  • Bloody Spade
  • Dali
  • Come Closer
  • The Vanished Birds
  • The Dinosaur Artist
  • The Erasure Initiative
  • Chilling Effect
  • Wordslut
  • This is Going to Hurt
  • The X Ingredient

2021 in summary!

I read 435 books, of which 34 were DNFs and 58 rereads. I finished the year with 3 books on my currently reading list.

Have you got any 2022 goals?

If you’re interested in seeing how I track my library and my reading, click through to see my post and access my spreadsheets.

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