REVIEW | Babel | R.F. Kuang

Once again, R.F. Kuang has ruined my life with this beautiful, brilliant piece of writing. From the first announcement, I was waiting anxiously for this and I devoured it in a few days - with an awful lot of tears. I just know that R.F. Kuang is going to be one of those insta-buy authors for me forever. Rating: 5 stars.

REVIEW | Leech | Hiron Ennes

This book has lived rent-free in my mind since the day I read it; and you need to buy it ASAP if you're a Gideon the Ninth fan - or if you just like complicated, eerie horror. I know that every time I read this, I'm going to find something new that I didn't know about before. It's just that deliciously layered. Rating: 5 stars.

REVIEW | Bad Things Happen Here | Rebecca Barrow

Okay. Okay, I didn’t love this book. At a push I’m not entirely sure whether I liked this book or not. It really says something that I came back to review this and I couldn’t remember a thing about what happened. It’s a good thing I’d written out notes after finishing it, or I don’t think I’d have had much to say here. It just wasn’t memorable enough for me to have any strong feelings about this book.