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REVIEW | Bad Things Happen Here | Rebecca Barrow

Okay. Okay, I didn’t love this book. At a push I’m not entirely sure whether I liked this book or not. It really says something that I came back to review this and I couldn’t remember a thing about what happened. It’s a good thing I’d written out notes after finishing it, or I don’t…

REVIEW | Mindwalker | Kate Dylan

I am absolutely obsessed with this book. I honestly requested it solely because I kept seeing all these neon pictures on my feed and I was intrigued by the cover, but it ended up being an incredible read that I marathoned in one sitting. I listened to the audiobook, but I definitely want to get…

REVIEW | All the Wicked Games | Lauren North

I requested this one on a total whim because I liked the cover and I’ve been really enjoying thrillers this year. I’m really glad that I did because ALL THE WICKED GAMES pushed every single one of my buttons and had me reading in a frenzy to try and finish the story and get answers.


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My Latest Favourite!

REVIEW | Just Like Home | Sarah Gailey

Horror thrillers with a pretty pink cover. This book was made for me and Andee and I absolutely adored it. Every book I read from Sarah Gailey is better than the one before and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


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Wrap Ups & Round Ups!

2021 in review and 2022 goals!

It’s 2022, babeys! I had an incredible reading year in 2021, alongside getting a new job, a kitten and getting engaged! Let’s wrap up my 2021 and have some fun with stats before setting my goals for 2022.

2020 Wrap Up + Top Ten

Time to wrap up 2020! Focusing on the highs, now that it’s finally 2021, and on Monday I talked about my goals for 2021! Here are my successes and my TOP TEN BOOKS OF 2020 – including seven sapphic books.

October Wrap Up

Finally my incredibly reading-slumpy October is over, and I can start fresh before clearurshit! I read 12 books, a total of 4391 pages and my average rating was 4.56 out of 5 stars – so at least all the books I did read were excellent!


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Cute Mutants Book Tag!

Okay, as if I haven’t talked about Cute Mutants by SJ Whitby enough. This series is an absolute favourite of mine and I’ve loved it from the first chapter of the first book! So obviously, we had to do a book tag for these amazing characters!

2020 check in and 2021 goals!

2020 is finally over, and 2021 is here! I actually had a lot of amazing successes in 2020, despite everything. Here’s a few of my highlights, a check in on my 2020 goals and my goals for 2021.

5+1 | Witchy Books

Continuing my 5+1 series, bringing my love of fanfic tropes into my book recs! I’ll be looking at tropes, genres and anything else I can think of; and giving 5 books I recommend in that category plus 1 I want to read! This week it’s witchy books.


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