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Book Reviews

What do I review?

I am an #ownvoices reviewer for aromantic, lesbian or sapphic characters, allosexuality, anxiety and depression.

I accept Adult, Young Adult, New Adult and Middle Grade review copies, though I may be pickier about middle grade books. I am highly likely to accept any books with LGBTQIA+ characters, or any books with witchcraft/wicca themes.

I am very likely to accept the following genres:

  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Retellings
  • Thrillers
  • Mystery
  • Historical fiction (if female/LGBT+ protagonist)

I am willing to read series/sequels, particularly as I have a fast reading speed. However I will need to be provided with the first book/books in the series unless I already have them. Feel free to send review requests for multiple books, however I may not accept all of them.

Format: I accept print ARCs and finished copies, or mobi eARCs. Print ARCs do take priority on my TBR.

Platforms: I cross-post my reviews to my blog, Goodreads and Amazon automatically. These posts share to my twitter platform. I can post to my instagram or to other sites as requested.

If you have a specific date that you’d like the review to be posted, please give me at least 8 weeks notice to be sure that I can get the book read and any agreed content prepared in time. If I am unable to meet an agreed date, due to my full-time job or other life matters, I will contact you to discuss alternatives.

DNFs/low ratings: If you would prefer me to leave no review in this case, please let me know. I do not review on my blog anything less than a three star, however I will still post other reviews to my Goodreads. Even if I DNF the book, I may still be able to promote in some way, for example an interview or excerpt post. I will always be honest and transparent on my blog, including disclaimers that books/products were received for review and that any comments are my own true opinions.

Promotional Posts

I am also willing to participate in blog tours or to write author interviews, excerpt posts, cover reveals and other promotional posts on request. Please refer to the genres in my book review policy to ensure it fits the content of my blog and my readers.

Examples of my blog tours, interviews and cover reveals are included below, and I am willing to discuss what you would prefer to include as additional content.

Example posts

Interview with Tiffany Tsao, The Majesties

Take a look at the interview I did with Tiffany Tsao, author of The Majesties, as part of Pushkin Press’s blog tour to celebrate the release of this excellent family drama/thriller.

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Blog Tour Review: Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis

Take a look at an example of one of my reviews, this one as part of the Write Reads blog tour for Harrow Lake by Kat Ellis to celebrate the release of an eerie young adult horror.

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Blog Tour Review: Iron Heart by Nina Varela

Take a look at an example of one of my reviews, this post is part of a blog tour with Caffeine Book Tours for Iron Heart by Nina Varela as part of the release date promo.

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Cover Reveal: Under the Lesser Moon by Shelley Campbell

Take a look at an example of a cover reveal post, in this case for Under the Lesser Moon by Shelley Campbell, as a typical cover reveal – though they can be tailored to specific author needs or requests.

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